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Ego Psyche Mind or Consciousness Universe?

Project type

Acrylic, pastel and mixed media on canvas


November 11, 2023


Los Angeles

In the artist's mind, the ego is the collection of thoughts in our brain tied to survival instincts: the desire for comfort, control, predictability, defending our psyche, defending our feelings, keeping us safe, staying away from danger, and generally trying to keep us alive.

The number one fear is the fear of public speaking. Some scientists believe that the evolutionary root is tied to the survival need to belong to a group, and the fear of being ostracized and exiled from that group. They believe that the one real time someone would have to "publicly speak" was when they had to plead to the group to stay and explain why they wouldn't be ousted. Makes sense that that we're scared of judgment and making a fool of ourselves in front of large group - in the past, it literally meant death.

Do your fears serve you today?
Are they based on the amygdala fight or flight response and survival instincts that don't exist today?

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