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I think the question about art isn't, "Is it good," or even "Do you like it?
But more of "Is it you?"  And the hope is that you find someone else out there that looks at it and says, "ah yes, this is a bit of me too." 

Born in Queens, NY to Korean immigrant parents in 1988, Jane committed to fitting “inside the box,” and worked her whole life toward contemporary markers of success: graduating from a notable law school, working a "big law" job and seeking continual professional promotions. While basing her self-worth on these external sources of validation, she struggled with anxiety, depression, alcoholism and addiction.

Following cosmic forces she calls "synchronicity" or the "universe" (and a cross country move in 2022), she fully dove into a creative career after years of trying to do the "right thing," which only led to existential nihilism, apathy and dread. 

With this newfound purpose in life, Jane is happy to report less existential nihilism, apathy and dread.  She ascribes to the axiom by Mexican poet Cesar Cruz, "[a]ll art should comfort the disturbed, and disturb the comfortable."

She currently resides in Los Angeles. 

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