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Devotion or Delusion?

Project type

Acrylic, oil pastel & pastel on canvas, custom frame


November 11, 2023


Los Angeles

Especially in LA, I feel that so many people are trying to live a New Age spiritual life, filled with meditation, yoga, crystals, breadth work, nature retreats, ayahuasca, and trying to connect with a "singular consciousness," "source," "the universe," "spirit," "mother nature," etc. etc. Including me. But, referring to God or a specific religion feels outdated and icky. Why do you think that is?

Regardless, I often question whether my search for "enlightenment" or "self-actualization" is delusional and I should stick with verifiable, observable, and scientific or medical "truths." For me, I let myself believe the former. What are you spiritual beliefs and practices, if you have any?
If you do, why do you believe, and if you don't, why not?

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